bee pollen benefits

location of harvest is important

If you’re only finding out about bee pollen now, you might be amazed at all there is to learn about this natural food supplement. At first, most people want to know about all the bee pollen benefits and then wonder if it’s all too good to be true, and so want to know if there are any bee pollen side effects. Read on and learn all about bee pollen…

In our society It has been called “nature’s most perfect food” and the ancient Greeks and Romans called it “life giving dust”. It was used by our American Indians and buried with Egyptian Pharaohs. But besides being one of the most nutritional foods you can eat, it has effective healing properties as well.

Bee Pollen Healing Benefits:

  • natural antibiotic that kills salmonella and other dangerous bacteria
  • helps chronic digestive disorders such as constipation and diarrhea
  • has been proven to reverse prostate cancer in men
  • immune system booster for eliminating allergies
  • flushes out dangerous toxins and chemicals from the body
  • helps to lower your blood pressure
  • increases sexual potency in men
  • makes women more fertile
  • boosts your natural energy
  • extends your life span

The U.S. Department of Agriculture states “bee pollen is the most nutritious food we can eat” and it has been said by some nutritionists that one can live by eating bee pollen alone. Although scientists haven’t discovered everything there is to know about bee pollen yet, it is considered to contain every chemical substance necessary to maintain life.

More Known Bee pollen benefits

–> Natural weight-loss pill as it increases your metabolism, making fat burn faster and increases the rate your body burns calories.

–> Improves digestion and regulates the functions of the intestinal tract, helping with such disorders as constipation and diarrhea even after antibiotic treatment has failed.

–> Detoxifies your body, ridding it of poisons and other dangerous toxins. It boosts the immune system helping prevent allergies, flues, and colds.

–> Helps reduce alcoholic cravings and has helped drug addicts with minimal to no cravings when trying to get off of heavy drugs.

–> Bee pollen is a must for men after 40 and women facing menopause. The changes a women faces during menopausal years can be many and difficult to deal with. Many of which bee pollen can positively affect, such as weight gain, reduction in libido, fatigue, and and being more vulnerable to disease.

–> For men, bee pollen increases sexual drive and potency. Doctors have also tested it’s effect on the prostate gland and even after some men were scheduled for surgery due to prostate cancer, bee pollen reversed the effects enough to cancel surgery.

–> For seniors, getting enough quality nutrients can be difficult due to a low nutrient diet and lack of appetite. Bee pollen benefits are many for the elderly; increasing energy and mental alertness, and even slowing down the aging process, helping the digestive system, and keeping the blood healthy.

–> Bee pollen is a natural disease fighter. It has been shown to increase immune system performance, this means your body has much more defense against all types of allergies and disease.

–> For children, bee pollen benefits are huge since bee pollen is known to be an accelerator of human growth because it contains almost all of the 22 elements that make up the composition of the human body.

My personal favorite bee pollen benefit – ENERGY!

Most of us get that mid-afternoon drop of energy when we feel like a coffee and sugary snack to get an energy boost.

You won’t feel like that after you take bee pollen for a while. Young or old, you’ll get a great natural energy boost from a quality bee pollen supplement.

Not All Bee Pollen Supplements are the Same Though…

As you learn more about bee pollen you’ll discover that it’s collected and distributed in different ways. It’s also harvested in different geographical locations, all these factors play an importance on the quality of the supplement you end up buying. A good one will give you all the bee pollen benefits you just read about, a poor quality one will give you little or no therapeutic benefits at all.

Bee Pollen to Avoid:

In China for example, quality control and regulations are slack and there is a lot of pollution, making their bee pollen a much inferior product. In the United States, the pollen has been found to have traces of heavy metals and other toxins. There are many products on the market that use bee pollen collected from these two countries and we avoid them.

Beware of Bee Pollen Energizer Products

There’s a lot of bee pollen products out there using raw bee pollen granules which are not as effective because they pass through the digestive system still intact, leaving you with very little benefit. Further, these are often extracted using a heating process which destroys most of the nutrients and enzymes. The best type of bee pollen is freeze-dried, this prevents oxidization which will degrade the product.

Where Does the Best and Purest Bee Pollen Come From?

New Zealand. The oceans surrounding New Zealand and all the way south to Antarctica to be exact – The waters and land of New Zealand are still virtually unspoiled as there is almost zero pollution there thanks to the lack of industrialization. They produce the best, all-natural kiwifruit, some of the purest omega 3 fish oils, and bee pollen to name a few.