Bee Pollen and Cancer

Everyone dreads and fears the ‘C’ word. Cancer is a terrible disease in which damaged cells divide rapidly, to form lumps of tissue called tumors. Tumors harm the body by growing and interfering with the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems. There are two cases of tumors; benign tumor and malignant tumor.

Benign tumor is when the tumor stays in one spot and shows little growth. However, when tumor productively spreads to other parts of the body and grows, it is called malignant tumor. Such cases, regardless of the best medicines available, are difficult to treat and have killed approximately 8 million people around the world just in the year 2008.

A study involving twenty women, who were all suffering from uterine cancer were fed with bee pollen and results showed high readings of improvement in the immune system and red blood cells and reduced nausea from chemotherapy.

What is bee pollen?

Bee pollen, also known as Royal Jelly, is dubbed a ‘Super food’ for it is packed with all nutrients not found in an everyday diet but is required by humans. Reproduction of a flower occurs when bees collect pollen, which is the male seed of a flower, and flies from one blossom to another. Some of the pollen gets attached to the hairy rear legs and is brought back to the hive. It is then mixed with nectar as well as protein from its stomach to produce bee pollen.

Does bee pollen really work for cancer?

One of the treatments to fight cancer is chemotherapy. It is such an invasive and harsh treatment that it kills both healthy living cells and cancer cells. Whereas, consuming bee pollen interrupts the blood supply to the cancer cells, causing them to die without interfering with healthy, living cells.

Bee pollen contains high amount of antioxidants and flavonoids, to extra protect the immune system and prevent harmful free radicals from damaging more cells. It also acts as a natural detox to flush out toxins from chemotherapy sessions. The side effects of chemotherapy weaken a person so bee pollen is known to boost energy.

Most men, as they age, are diagnosed with prostate cancer as they might have a poor diet, lacking in Vitamins B, C and D. A tablespoon of the supplement a day could make a difference in improving prostate health.

As for breast cancer in women, there is no evidence as of yet that proves bee pollen prevents the disease but the Vitamin C in bee pollen has been known to increase the effects of chemotherapy and reduce it’s side effects.

Although bee pollen is a wholesome and natural supplement, please make sure you consult your doctor before consuming bee pollen with prescribed medications.

Our Most Highly Recommended Bee Pollen Supplement

You’ll find that most bee pollen supplements marketed today focus on boosting energy. Manufacturers put as much bee pollen into their products as they can. The more bee pollen used, the better the energy effects will be right? No.

The problem is many of these products only contain bee pollen granules which unfortunately pass through the digestive system intact.

Bee pollen granules are a hard substance for the human body to digest which means very little amounts of the nutrients will get into our system .

This problem has been overcome by a company from New Zealand called Maxalife Natural Products.

Their product, Natural Energy Bee Pollen is processed in a totally unique way which involves breaking down the pollen and then infusing it with a group of special enzymes that help to digest it much more efficiently. The end result is you get all the nutrients bee pollen has to offer.

Natural Energy Bee Pollen collected in the pristine environment of New Zealand is our most recommended bee pollen for increased energy, boosting of the immune system, and improvement to overall health and well-being.

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