Bee Pollen Benefits For Women

bee pollen benefits for women

location of harvest is important

People have long been using bee pollen to treat and prevent a wide variety of diseases. But before we go on with some of the bee pollen benefits for women, let’s take a look at how bee pollen helps everyone enjoy all-round better health.

First of all, bee pollen is actually the pollen that gets stored in the body of the bee. These pollens may also contain some of the saliva of the bee. Most people get bee pollen mixed up with other bee products like royal jelly, bee venom, natural honey or honeycomb, even though they may share some similarities, these other products don’t naturally contain bee pollen.

The reason why bee pollen is becoming a popular supplement in today’s society is because it contains all the essential nutrients needed by our bodies. There are a lot of studies done on lab mice that were exclusively fed on bee pollen for several days and their findings show that the mice show no signs of malnutrition. Some of the nutrients found in bee pollen are B vitamin complex in high concentrations. Vitamins A, C, D, E and other minerals are also found in bee pollen.

3 Main Benefits That Focus on Women’s Health

#1 Weight Loss

Aside from its rich nutritional benefits and energy enhancing properties, other bee pollen benefits for women includes improved metabolism which is the key to its weight loss benefits.

Why? Because bee pollen is rich in lecithin which is a potent amino acid that helps dissolve and flush fat cells out of the body.

Also, food cravings are easier to control because of this amino acid.

#2 Complexion

First of all, you don’t ever want an acne breakout. Well the amount of omega 3 and 6 essential oils contained in pollen have been shown to help prevent acne.

Less wrinkles. A lack of certain vitamins and exposure to the sun’s UV rays makes for increased chances of getting premature wrinkles. Fortunately bee pollen comes with a heavy dose of vitamins E and C, two of the best vitamins known to protect your skin.

#3 Menopause

Bee pollen helps improve a woman’s reproductive system. For many women it can also help relieve some of the discomforting pains caused by PMS.

Increased Physical Performance

Herbalists and sports nutritionists recommend bee pollen to help improve the performance of athletes and Pollen first gained popularity in the 1970′s because it started to be used by Olympic athletes. It’s also found to be effective in reducing asthma, allergies and the side effects of chemotherapy among cancer patients.

There are also some alternative medicine practitioners that advise their patients to take a quality pollen for health maintenance and for treatment of alcoholism and other gastrointestinal problems.

Although bee pollen is viewed safe for consumption, it’s still better that you first consult your health care practitioner before starting out with any form of supplements or treatments. There can be people that may be sensitive or allergic to bee pollen.

The good news is that of the many bee pollen benefits for women is that it can improve health in women of all ages. Today, bee pollen is incorporated to other commercial products like body lotions and in baby’s diapers to prevent eczema or rash.