Bee pollen complex, a wholesome and natural supplement, has been used throughout history by the Chinese, Egyptians, ancient Romans, Greeks and the Anglo-Saxons for thousands of years. What exactly is bee pollen complex that it is considered the ‘’Perfect food’’ and ‘’Ambrosia’’ by scientists and those who have tried the supplement? For reproduction of plants, worker bees are necessitated to carry pollen from flower to flower. Some of the plant pollen, which is mixed with nectar, proteins and enzymes from the bee’s stomach, are attached to their hind legs and then taken to the hive as food for he very young bees and the queen bee, but not the worker bees.

Commercially, bee keepers cover the entrance of the hives with a wire mesh so that the bees will have to squeeze through, brushing off the pollen into a collection vessel.

The reason why bee pollen complex is labeled the “Perfect food” is because it is intensely concentrated with all the good nutrients and minerals that we require for good health and well-being. There are concentrations of Vitamin A, B, C, D and E, including folic, amino and fatty acids. It also contains numerous minerals and trace elements (iron, zinc, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, and potassium) that the body cannot produce on its own.

Bee pollen consists of rich antioxidants like flavanoids and polyhenols. These antioxidants fight off allergies and aid white blood cells in countering viruses for a healthy immune system. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression and obesity, it could very well mean you are going through Vitamin B deficiency. The vitamin B in bee pollen complex boosts your energy and concentration. It also stimulates metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant to better help control your weight.

Bee pollen complex is not only consumed for allergies or to lose weight. Women who are going through menopause can take bee pollen complex to reduce uncomfortable symptoms. As for men, due to lack of proper diet, prostrate problems i.e. enlarged prostate glands occur as they age, causing difficulty in urinating and lack of libido.

The antioxidants comprised in the complex are enough to reduce the swelling and improve prostate gland function. Although, there are no supported facts that bee pollen complex cures cancer, implementing the supplement in an everyday diet reduces the side effects and increases the effects of chemotherapy.

Bee pollen complex may be natural but it can have side effects for a few people. You need to establish whether you are allergic to bees or any specific pollen if you are considering taking bee pollen complex for the first time. Also, make sure you know where the bee pollen complex is from.

The ones collected from New Zealand are known to be the purest as there is clean air with almost zero pollution because of the lack of industry there. It’s oceans are some of the cleanest on earth and produce the best omega 3 fish oils as well.

Learn more about New Zealand’s Natural Energy Bee Pollen and why it’s some of the best available anywhere.